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The West End Theatre is on the second floor of the Church of St Paul and St Andrew.

It features 72 fixed seats, a dome ceiling, and an elevated tech booth (house right).

The WET is ADA accessible.

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updated April 2019


2  ETC Source Four 26 degree 575w

3  ETC Source Four 36 degree 575w

3  ETC Source Four 50 degree 575w

4  Colortran Leko 30 degree 750w

8 Altman 6x9 750w

5 Altman 6x9 500w
5 Altman 6x12 575w
10 Altman 6” fresnel 500w
4 Capital 6” fresnel 500w (House Lights)
3 Altman 8” fresnel 1000w
1 ETC Source Four Par w/ MFL lens
1 Par 64 w/ MFL,WFL/NSP lamp options @1000w
4 3-circuit R40 striplights @ 5 lamps / circuit. (condition largely unknown) 

2 3-circuit R40 striplights @ 3 lamps / circuit. (condition largely unknown)

Cable and Accessories

4 7.5” Barn Door
2 Twofer
1 male stage pin to edison
1 male edison to stage pin
1 100’ 5-pin DMX
1 50’ 5-pin DMX
16 7.5” Gel frames
2 8” Gel Frames
4 3-circuit lighting snakes @75’ (Note: These support up to 1000w / circuit max.)

Pipes & Bases

4 Patio umbrella bases (If you wish to use these as booms, you will need sand bags)

4 6’ Schedule 40 pipe
1 6” floor mount

Dimming and Control

1  ETC Sensor SR12 (24 dimmers at 2.4k)

2  ETC SmartBar 4 channel at 750w, 2.4k total

2 NSI NRD800 (8 dimmers at 1.2k) Includes 13 edison to pin adapters.

1 ETC Obsession II console with single processor
1 Elation Scene Setter 2 scene manual console @ 24 channels
1 ETC Obsession Video Node w/ screens
1 ETC Obsession RFU

There are additional units in the space, that may work, but have not been cleaned or serviced by the TD. The TD can rent up to 4 Highend Color Command fixtures and 4 Varilite VL1000 fixtures as well as a few

color scrollers, and an i-Cue. Contact for more information.

creepy window


updated April 2019

Mixer / Processing

1x Denon DN-410X Rackmount Mixer with Bluetooth (10-Channel)


1x Pioneer CD Player


2x JBL EON610- 10” Two-Way Active Speaker Mains, permanently attached to theater back wall.

2x Samson Live 612M 12” 2- Way Active Monitor
1x Behringer 150 Watt PA monitor with IEC cable
2x Passive 4” Community Speakers with NL4 and bare wire connections. Includes 2x Rigging Brackets with pipe clamps

4x standard base mic stands
1x tripod boom microphone stand
2x gooseneck mic stand attachments

1x mic stand boom arm


1x 1⁄8” to RCA cable “iPod / Laptop” cable

1 BPBQXM50- Pro Co 50’ TRS- XLRM Cable
3 BPBQXM100- Pro Co 100’ TRS- XLRM Cable
3x 10' stereo RCA cables
1x 3' mono RCA cable (CD Player)
1x 3' stereo RCA cable
3x 15-20' XLR cables (Used for Clear-Com System)

4x 100' XLR male to TRS male 1/4" cable
2x 5' 1/4" mono cables

Sound Adapter Kit (in gladware)

1x 5' 1/8" cable
1x 10' XLRF to 1/4" mono cable

3x 3' XLRM to 1/4" TRS cable

1x XLRM to Dual XLRF splitter

4x RCAF to Mono 1/4" adapter

1x RCAF to TRS 1/4" Adapter

1x mic stand head attachment

1x XLRF barrel

1x XLRM barrel
1x XLRF to 1/4" Male Mono Adapter

piano michelle


Venue Manager: John Meyer,


or contact with questions or to schedule a visit. 

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